Take The Edge Off
Take The Edge Off

Pet Crow

Take The Edge Off

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Adulting, as it is now called, is not always an easy thing to wrap your head around, never mind do! Derby based garage-pop post-punkers Pet Crow explore the struggles of modern life on second album Take the Edge Off.

This is another tricky second album, but not in the classic sense. It is a work of catharsis, an expression of personal problems and mental health issues experienced throughout a turbulent time for the band. Anxiety, depression, drug addiction, recovery, OCD, ADHD are all tackled, speaking from direct experience.

‘Insomnia’ is a pacey garage-punk banger about trying to sleep and the flipside of trying to stay awake during the day after no sleep – the balance of modern life. Culminating in a rousing crescendo and layered vocal harmonies, Danielle Ross offer the refrain, “No energy left, I’ve got bags for days.”

‘What We Doin’?’ blasts forth, taking on stagnation and a lack of focus that can render you inactive. Throughout their blend of tight funky rhythms, punk riffage and surf rock party vibes make for an enthralling listen that urges everything to be better.

Like debut record A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pondlife, and the Too Pure 7” single ‘How are you Wired?’, the dark subject matter is contradicted by a backbone of wildly upbeat, head-nod-inducing party tunes. Pet Crow believe you can dance and sing your way through your problems. They want you to join them!