Puig Destroyer - S/T

September 30th, 2014
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Product Description

Puig Destroyer has returned just in time for the 2014 MLB Postseason with their debut self-titled full-length record that will undoubtedly whip fans into a frenzy. The album features 20 bat crackin’ tracks like “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team,” a furious 49 seconds of frustration, “Tommy John,” a track solely dedicated to the infuriating losses due to ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, and “Underdog,” a bench-clearing, motivational ass-kicker.


01. Baseball: The Best
02. Umpshow
03. No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team
04. No Hitter
05. Flags Fly Forever
06. Three True Outcomes
07. Take Damage
08. Trumbomb
09. Top Prospect
10. Call To The Bullpen
11. Wild Horse
12. Attrition
13. The Road To Omaha
14. Underdog
15. Twin Killing
16. No Pepper
17. Tommy John
18. Stealing Signs
19. Batflip
20. Mike Trout

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