COVID has hit all of us hard, and as a business it has been an entirely new climate to be surviving (or trying to survive in). Manufacturing timelines are some of the most insane things we have ever dealt with. Vinyl taking up to a year to make, finding blanks to print merchandise on is harder than ever. But we are here, and doing the best we can to get what you want, as quick as we can so we can support our artists and bring you what you need. Vinyl is taking 12+ months to manufacture, then it must travel to the US by boat from EU.. adding another 1-2 months of transit, then it travels from NY to TX..another week. Below are the best to our knowledge updates for current preorders that we can offer. Thank you for your patience and support.

Common Sage - It Lives And It Breathes - ARRIVES 11/8

Worst Party Ever - Dartland - ARRIVES 11/8

Gatherers - " ( mutilator. ) " - SHIPS BY 11/18


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While we may not always be looking for new artists, we always LOVE to receive new music to check out, so please send away! We also have special playlists we put together that feature smaller bands (from all genres) that we may include you on :)

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If you have an inquiry about your order, please contact our customer service to help you out! Contact them at Please be patient on a reply as we are transitioning back to everything in house currently