No Sleep Records, a California based independent record label, founded in 2006 by Chris Hansen. Having worked with many of the scenes greatest bands - The Wonder Years, La Dispute, Balance and Composure, Now Now, Touche Amore, Into It Over It and more - the future will..

From the beginning, the mission of No Sleep, was and is to release music from bands we truly love and believe should be heard by the masses.

We are here for them and you.

No Sleep Records is distributed physically and digitally by INgrooves worldwide

For questions about your order, please contact with your Order # and your inquiry.

For press questions, please contact us with your PR request

For radio questions, please contact us at

For anything else, please contact us at

How are you affected by COVID 19?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting the world in many ways, our artists and us are not safe from it sadly. Many of our bands have had tours cancelled, etc. During this time if you are able to place an order through us, stream music more, order something from your favorite band (even if they are not one of ours, but they should be) - anything and everything helps. We are all in this together and we will survive this together.

Do you accept demos?

While we may not always be looking for new artists, we always LOVE to receive new music to check out, so please send away! We also have special playlists we put together that feature smaller bands (from all genres) that we may include you on :)

I am a college student looking for an internship, can I help you out?

Currently we are not taking on any new interns, but please send in your resume and we will keep it on file if a new internship does open up.

Who handles your online fulfillment?

The fine people at Awesome Distro/Merch ship all of our orders out! They are located out of Austin TX.

Do you have a UK based webstore?

Currently we just have our store based out of Austin TX, but we are working on launching a new EU/UK based store which we hope to have open by Summer 2020

Do you donate anything from your sales?

Yes! With every sale we donate 5% of the proceeds towards a variety of charities. Currently we are donating to various charities to help those affected by COVID-19

What are Installments by Afterpay?

Afterpay is an awesome option to spread out your payment for an order, and they are super safe and great people!!